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On February 17, 2020, Matt Walter took his life. Those that knew Matt from afar and from very close were shocked, dismayed, devastated, and saddened. We were all left with questions for which we had no explanations nor answers.

In the hours following this unthinkable and unimaginable event, Matt’s wife, Audrey, his close friends and our entire office embarked on a quest for understanding. We all tried to uncover what had not been uncoverable nor recognizable to any of us prior to February 17, 2020.

As a result of the diligence by our office( Michele, Stacy, Kristine, Brendan, Brook, Janet, and myself), along with assistance from Audrey and Jennifer Cochran at Farmers National Bank, we shockingly uncovered unethical and illegal conduct by Matt. As our inquiries and due diligence discovered the awful and previously unknown acts in which Matt had engaged, we immediately contacted each potentially harmed person/entity; the Kentucky State Police; the Kentucky Bar Association; and our malpractice carrier.

Helton Law Office and Matt’s estate are being sued by the Bessie Strom Estate for conduct by Matt as the EXECUTOR of the estate. No one in our office had access to the estate account, but Matt, as executor. Matt, and solely Matt, had access to this account, and only in his capacity as executor; not as an attorney. The executrixes of this estate and their attorney, who sued our office, know this. Matt was named the executor of this estate by Bessie Strom, who is unknown to all of us in our office. We believe Matt was named executor of the estate at the suggestion/recommendation of Ms. Storm’s grandson. What we do not know, is why he was recommended, and why surety was not required on his bond as executor. In defending what we believe to be an improper cause of action, we intend to pursue all avenues to obtain answers.

Again, Matt’s appointment as executor had nothing to do with anyone in our office. Matt’s thefts from this estate were in his capacity as executor. If he was not the executor, and had sole control of the estate accounts, these thefts would have been impossible.

To the best of our knowledge, Matt’s other misdeeds and illegal conduct, as an attorney, have been resolved and everyone has been made whole. We have worked diligently to resolve matters involving Matt as an attorney, all of which, none of us had any foreshadowing nor knowledge.

Robin Hart is doing a detailed story on the suit and what Matt has done to his wife, his children, his friends and our office. Audrey and I have cooperated fully with Ms. Hart, as we have with all inquiries. The article should appear online tomorrow and in the paper on Tuesday.

I want to assure you, our clients and friends, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We do not tolerate illegal, unethical, nor immoral conduct by anyone, under any circumstances. We have tried to rectify Matt’s wrongful conduct and we are hopeful the Kentucky State Police will provide us with more detail as to why Matt chose to violate your trust, our trust, and the trust of those who thought they knew him best.

After 39 years of practicing law in this Commonwealth, the betrayal and deception of the person we knew as Matt, has exceeded any previously imaginable thought I ever processed.

—Ephraim Helton

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