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Victims of domestic violence or domestic abuse can be married or single of any gender, age, race or income level. Most often, domestic violence occurs within a marriage or intimate relationship, but it can also happen to anyone in the household, including grandparents, parents, children and other family members. Injunctions can include boyfriends, girlfriends, neighbors and acquaintances.

The Helton Law Office represents the victims and those accused of domestic violence. Our attorneys have more than 75 years of combined legal experience and will fight tirelessly to ensure that the rights of you and your family are protected.

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What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is an umbrella term that covers a broad spectrum of threatening and violent behavior that is directed toward someone within the same home. Examples of domestic violence can include:

  • Physical violence
  • Threats of violence or abuse
  • Verbal/emotional abuse
  • Economic abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Endangerment
  • Child abuse or neglect
  • Elder abuse

It’s important to understand that domestic violence can occur without any form of physical assault. Threats, insults, bullying and ignoring can all constitute domestic violence. Contact us if you need a domestic violence lawyer.

Types of Protection Available in Kentucky

Emergency Protective Orders (EPOs) may be requested if you believe you are at immediate risk of injury or assault. An EPO is effective until a hearing can be held and may require the other party to:

  • Stop contact or communication with you
  • Leave the residence you share
  • Relinquish custody of the children
  • Any other orders

If protection is needed, but you are not in immediate danger, the court may issue a summons for both parties to appear in court for a full hearing within 14 days. During a full hearing, you should be prepared to:

  • Describe abuse and threats
  • Provide evidence, if available
  • Identify the safety needs for you and your children

Depending on the results of your full hearing, the court may issue a domestic violence order (DVO). DVOs can last up to three years. The conditions of a DVO vary and may include:

  • Required counseling for respondent, you, or both
  • Temporary child support
  • Temporary custody of children
  • Respondent must leave the residence you share
  • Protection against damage to any property
  • Stop of abuse and threats
  • Dismissal of the case
  • No contact or communication with the petitioner
  • Other relief

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