S. Bragg

I sought out Ephraim Helton due to a reputation of legal success.  I found the reputation to be true, but lacking.  What I found lacking in the reputation, there was no mention of the care and compassion shown by Mr. Eph Helton and his staff.  Like most divorces involving children, emotions for me ran high.  Eph made his position very clear during my initial visit….”our focus will be on what is in the best interest of your son.”  Thank you Eph for your integrity and boldness to maintain the focus on what my son and I truly needed.  You made the most out of a bad situation and I would recommend Ephraim Helton to anyone when I hear they are in need of legal representation.

Woodie L.

I have used this law firm on several occasion and have found them and their support staff to be very efficient in handling my affairs in a prompt and professional manner.

Rachel Conder

Stacy has been amazing to me and my family. In February we went in to talk to a lawyer we had no idea what we were getting into whatsoever. And from that first day meeting her I knew she would help us. Here we are in July and still fighting our case but not one minute of a day has stacy gave up on me. Not only is she a great lawyer but a great friend. I can have a bad day and all I gotta say is I need somebody to talk to and I can tell her anything. But hands down if anybody needs a good lawyer Stacy Coontz is the BEST!!